Approaches towards Supporting Intellectual Property of Users and Protecting Them against Infringement

We all know that web technology has made publishing quicker and easier to everyone, but it has also brought potential copyright disputes to the masses. The rules for using text, photos, and artworks that have been mentioned in Iran's Copy Right law chapter, apply just the same to website uses. And Arthibition online gallery is no exception.

Arthibition respects to its users' intellectual and moral rights and expects the same from them since it believes that Art is a personal investment of the creator's time, money, effort, and soul as well as his/her intellectual property. Arthibition puts protecting your art in its priority and in accordance to that, all unauthorized transfers of information to and from websites and website linking will be prosecuted swiftly.

According to the policies set by the managers of the Arthibition, those members who do not respect the regulations and do harm to the other users through violating their rights, will be inactivated automatically. And they will also be prosecuted according to the copy right laws in electronic commerce and Islamic Republic of Iran's patent laws. They must make up all the damages made to the Arthibition and other users.

Arthibition will pursue any complaint filed due to copy rights infringement. If you own the property or have the succession to it, inform any kind of infringement with details by filling up this sample form through our website.                              

I (Name and family name) announce without doubt that works (name of the works+ code number) have been used without any permission, and I ensure you what I said is totally correct and precise. I swear to God that I am the owner of the work or have the submission to it. 

  • You must provide a list of the works that have violated the copy right law

  • If you claim some users' do not heed the copy right law and that must be inactivated, provide us with proof and details.

  • Mention your email, phone number and home address

  • Do not forget to mention your name and e-signature

  • This part must be included in your announcement