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About Artwork The raor of Iranian lion 2

The "Roar of Iranian Lion" collection, refers to the concept of lion in Iranian culture. The use of the role of the lion in various ways along with numerous meanings in Iranian literature, religion and art have shown the value and importance of this animal among Iranians, such that in different periods from the Aryans' arrival in Iran until the Islamic period, the role has continued to be of interest and use. Strong claws, very muscular power, varying tails, strong jaws and lion roar, which has the highest roar among cats, is the key to distinguishing this animal from its companions and consolidating its power. But have you ever heard the roar of a statue? My personal concern is often about the way we humans treat the elements of nature and the impact they have on our history and culture. What is our duty to preserve, protect, and convey these elements and meanings to our future generations?

I am Mahsa Samari, a graduate of architecture with a master's degree, and I have years of experience working in various architectural offices and teaching at the university. The limitations of architectural offices, including the lengthy process …
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The raor of Iranian lion 2

  • Artwork's Code: 6419124274
  • Category: Sculpture
  • Technique: ceramic
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Date Created (Georgian Date) : 2018
  • Dimensions: 35 * 18 * 99999
  • Edition: One

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